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7 Secrets To Cut The Costs Of Your New Boiler Installation – Most Installers Won’t Tell You This!

Whether your boiler has unexpectedly broken down, you suspect it may well do so any day now or that you simply want to reap the benefits of a more economical model, a new boiler requires significant financial investment on your part. Below are our insider tips and tricks to ensure you get the very best deal next time you upgrade:

Tip 1: Take Your Time 

There is no need to rush into things or take the first quote you receive, whether offers claim to expire within days, your installer is putting on the pressure or that you are simply running out of time before the winter months kick in. Be sure to compare all options before committing, there are all sorts of options out there that can include spreading the cost using finance through to simply paying in full upon completion, you have choices.

Tip 2: Cheapest Isn’t Always The Best

Looking for the most affordable replacement when you discover your unexpected boiler breakdown is a perfectly natural thing to do, however the cheapest option is not always the best long term. Paying now for a part to fix a boiler that is 8 years old can be time consuming and expensive, especially when within the next 2 years you will more than likely need to replace it entirely, always consider the make, model and age of your boiler. If you are going to replace your boiler than consider the make and model of the boiler you are being quoted for, as this will allow you to check its energy efficiency rating and therefore your overall savings calculation.

Tip 3: Have More Control Of Your Home

Smart heating systems are increasingly popular now and should be seriously considered by all homeowners looking to cut their energy bills, whether you are replacing your boiler or not. Giving you more control over your homes efficiency, controlling your heating and hot water from your phone, laptop or tablet. By only heating your home when required you could be saving £100’s per year.

Tip 4: Research Your Options

Don’t take the installers word for the fact that their price is the best, research is a crucial part of getting this decision right, always get a range of quotes. Smaller companies often offer very competitive quotes and service by comparison to the big, established players. Make sure the installers know you are shopping around, this will ensure that you get their very best quote, quickly!

Tip 5: Stay In Control 

You should never feel pressured into making a decision, most installers will need to visit your home in order to provide an accurate quotation, it would be sensible to set time limits for the visit and don’t let it overrun. Go with who you feel comfortable with as well as who offers the most comprehensive, value for money quote.

Tip 6: Research Insurance, Shop Around

There are two insurance types to consider here:

  • Insurance backed guarantees: these policies add little more to the upfront costs of your installation but provide priceless peace of mind, providing you with a guarantee that if anything were to go wrong and the company was no long trading, you are covered for repair.
  • Boiler Insurance: boiler cover is always a sensible idea, but with so many options available it is advisable to shop around, moreover check your house insurance first as you may already be covered.

Tip 7: Get Your Requirements Straight 

Always confirm requirements at the outset, verify exactly what is and isn’t included in your selected installers quotation, relocating a boiler, system flushing and additional pipework, thermostats or radiators can all add up.

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